Gehlot blames BJP for delay in Rajya Sabha elections – delay deliberate to accomplish horse trading.
With seven days to go before the Rajya Sabha elections, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot held a press conference in Jaipur on Friday in the midst of a political uproar in Rajasthan, . Addressing the media, Gehlot said, “Rajya Sabha elections were deliberately delayed. So that BJP can carry out horse trading. Elections are to be held on June 19 for 18 seats of Rajya Sabha across the country. There will be election on three seats in Rajasthan.

Gehlot said that BJP is killing democracy in the country. Only two persons, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are taking decisions for the entire country, which is not a good tradition. We will have to decide, who is distributing pain and who is distributing medicine. He accused Modi for not being concerned about the country during Corona. Modi and his team were busy changing the Government in Madhya Pradesh despite Corona fear. Modi ji says that the nation will be Congress free. Congress is in the DNA of the country. For how long will you let people  fight in the name of caste and religion.

Sachin Pilot said that Congress will definitely win two seats in Rajya Sabha elections. Stats show that independent candidates stand with us. Both our candidates will win in Rajya Sabha. All the MLAs are with us and will continue to remain with us. We were unable to meet in three months because of the lockdown. Therefore a meeting was called in this hotel.

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