Congressmen pay tribute to Motilal Tejawat and Rajesh Pilot
Udaipur 11 June 2020.On the 134th birth anniversary of Motilal Tejawat, the founder of Bhil Revolution and freedom fighter. Congressmen paid tributes to his statue situated at Rampura intersection on Thursday. Similarly tributes were paid to Late Rajesh Pilot on his death anniversary by the congressmen of Lakecity at various places. On this occasion, Congress Media Center President Pankaj Kumar Sharma said that late. Tejawat raised awareness among the Bhils, Adivasis and weaker sections of the victims of exploitation and harassment. Late Tejawat  also called Mewar Ratna, was one of the foundation stones and freedom fighter during the independence struggle of our coumtry.
On this occasion, Congress spokesperson Feroz Ahmed Sheikh, Sandeep Garg, Bhagwan Soni, Khemraj Salvi, Afzal Shah, Laxmilal, Kishan Sen, Akram and other Congressmen were present.

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