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Udaipur : In a raid conducted by the police and the (CWC) Child Welfare Committee, 76 minor girls in the age group of 12-17 years, belonging to poor families were freed from a hotel in  Rajsamand city on Wednesday. According to sources, the girls from different states of the country and Nepal were housed in a hall situated in the hotel since last two months.

The raid was conducted in the afternoon amidst protest from the volunteers running the NGO. The raid was conducted keeping in view the 800 girls that were reported missing from the Aalawas Ashram of Daati Maharaj. Later if was found that the NGO was run by Adhyatmik Gurukul Sansthan of Abu Road which is registered under the Society Act. The NGO, though registered under Society Act was not registered under the JJ Act and the Education department to carry out any activities involving minor children.After the rescue the girls were  sent to  Asra Vikas Sansthan an NGO operating shelter home. While the intentions behind keeping the minor girls in the Hotel are yet to be identified, the police has detained the hotel owner, volunteers and others involved for inquiry.

All 76 minor girls were housed in a single hall situated on the third floor of the hotel which lacked basic amenities and had only 2-3 bathrooms which were shared among all the inmates. Most part of the Hotel was covered with tin shade to conceal the activities carried out. The terrace also was covered with tin shade and was used to cook food for the buycbdproducts and inmates.

The police has confiscated the Hotel register for further investigations. According to Bhawna Paliwal, Chairperson of CWC, “we will be reaching out to the parents of the rescued Children in order to get into details of how they landed up at such a place”.

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